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"Lori's yoga classes have great flow and a comfortable environment. When it comes to hair coloring, she really makes sure she does exactly what u want. She always fills the room with positivity and is always a pleasure to be around."
Haley Kaplan

"Lori Anna is an amazing instructor, her style appeals to the most advanced, her patience is perfect for a beginner. She is so passionate, You must try at least once, I would bet you will become a regular!! "
Jerry Rizzo

"Lori gives an amazing workout while maintaining that relaxing feature we  all adore while doing yoga! She sweet and is great for all levels!"
Lauren C. Rudkin

"I had lower back and neck issues for years, Discussed the situation with Lori, she recommended what poses to do and not to do during her class. And after about a month I felt like a new person Lori’s yoga classes fixed all my back and neck issues and I’ve been going strong ever since."
Domenick Martino

"My yoga session with Lori is the best hour of my week."

"Thank you LoriAnna! After coming back from skiing up in Windham, I had many aches and pains. I took a hot shower after completing the yoga stretches and poses you had me do and I was cured! The pain was gone and I felt terrific! I'm sold on your yoga instruction!!"
Bruce Lesser

"First time in the salt cave. For those of you who have never tried it, you must !! Great experience! Lori Ana is an amazing instructor. Thanks again Lori."
Eryl Reiss Farella

"The Salt Cave Yoga was fantastic. I went with two others. We all suffer from anxiety. It was so relaxing. The feeling of peace and calm was incomparable. Lori showed us techniques and poses to take with us to practice on a daily basis. I would highly recommend booking a date...or two!

Debra Zaech

"Tried yoga in the salt cave with Lori tonight. It was amazing! So peaceful and relaxing. Can't wait to do it again. Lori is a great instructor for all levels."
Linda Carbonaro

"Lori is an amazing yoga instructor who lets everyone progress at their own pace. Classes are always a great workout of body mind and spirit, and Lori has an incredible way of inspiring people to continue to practice."

Caroline Esposito

Thank you Lori Anna and Bliss Beauty & Balance by Lori Anna for amazing class  (The Himalayan Salt Cave)!! Can't wait for the next class!!!

Danielle DeRosa

I really love going to Lori's yoga classes. They are very judgement  free, go at your own pace. She makes you feel very comfortable and at  ease in her classes. Having never done yoga before, I went as a  beginner, never stepping into a studio before and I never felt  uncomfortable in the class. Lori's demeanor is so easy going, she really  makes you feel at ease. Thank you Lori!!  Namaste   🕉️
Grace Conenna Rizzo

Himalayan Salt Cave Yoga

Himalayan Salt Cave Yoga

Hair Coloring & Styling Services

"Lori Anna is a great colorist that truly listens to her clients &  takes her time. I tried Lori Anna a month ago with the hopes that she  could help with my dissatisfaction of color lifting from my grays just days after application. I’m happy to say that Lori Anna, with the help of her quality hair products, has not only solved my problem but has made me feel beautiful. I highly recommend trying Lori Anna."
Debra Ann Marie

“Lori is the best colorist ever - - - - 

If she can please me,she can please anyone!”


"Lori has been my stylist since I was 6 years old, well 23 years later and she is the only one I trust to make my hair fabulous. She gives the best advice advice as to cut and color and she is mindful of your  budget. She is amazingly creative and is constantly going to training to  further her craft. If you haven't made an appointment with her, you are  truly missing out! Much love Lori! The latest style is family and  husband approved!"
— Stephanie (Walker) Smith

“I have been going to Lori for over 10 years for color. People comment all the time how beautiful and natural the color looks. When she moved to a different salon, I followed her even though the new salon is distant from my house. A good colorist is hard to find.”
— Bobbie Turner

"People always remember the way someone makes them feel! Lori has been my hair stylist for a very long time, over 15 years.......she never ever disappoints and exceeds my expectations.

I walk out of the salon feeling happy and relaxed! She definitely knows hair and color.....I am pleased to be one of her clients. 
I look forward to my visits because I not only leave with great looking hair, but enjoy the time I spend in Lori’s chair! She is always patient and offers thoughtful suggestions. She understands my preferences and makes such an effort to please. I receive compliments from family, friends and even strangers on my hair color and style. You can tell she loves making people feel good about themselves.....which is a such a talent and attribute!"

Donna Korrow

"Lori has always made my hair look amazing, I always get a ton of  compliments on my hair. Every time I see Lori, she has wonderful ideas about what we can do with my hair and she follows through flawlessly. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone looking for gorgeous hair!"

Julia Friedman

"Lori does the BEST blonde ever! I drive over 1 hour to get my hair cut  and colored. Sounds crazy, right? I've tried others and I keep coming  back to Lori year after year after year. Thanks, Lori!"
Kristen Layton

"It took me years to find someone who works beautifully with my thin, fine hair. I’ve been going to Lori for over 5 years and I’d follow her anywhere. I drive an hour to her now and it’s worth every minute."

Mary Koczko Miller


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